APPENDIX E – FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENTAPPENDIX E – FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT\18-109. Non-conforming uses and structures in the flood plain.

All non-conforming uses and structures within the floodway or floodway fringe shall be subject to the following requirements in addition to the provisions of the city zoning regulations.

(A)  No non-conforming use or structure shall be altered, repaired or modified unless a permit is issued under this section.

(B)  No permit for the alteration, repair or modification of a non-conforming use in the floodway fringe overlay district shall be issued unless such alteration, repair or modification includes flood-proofing measures to the base flood elevation. No permits shall be issued for alteration, repair or modification in the floodway.

(C)  Uses or adjuncts thereof which are or become nuisances shall not be entitled to continue as non-conforming uses.

(D)  In passing on permit application for alteration, repair or modification, the city commission shall consider the following in determining the adequacy of the flood proofing measures:

(1)   The susceptibility of the structure or use to flood damage.

(2)   The availability and expense of alternate flood-proofing techniques.

(3)   The safety of the flood-proofing measures.

(E)   If a nonconforming use and/or structure in the floodplain is discontinued for six consecutive months, any future use of the building premises shall conform to this article.