All construction, reconstruction, or repair of sidewalks within the city, shall be done with the approval of and under the supervision of the public works director or his or her representative, in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the governing body of the city and on file in the office of the city clerk.

(Code 1977, 10-101)

The installation of sidewalks and pedestrian ways shall be as follows:

(a)   Public sidewalks shall be installed on one side of all local residential streets and on both sides of all other streets, unless such installation is specifically waived by the governing body, except that no sidewalk shall be required on the outside (that nearest arterial or collector streets) of any frontage road. If frontage roads are contemplated, sidewalks will not be required on adjacent paralleling arterial or collector street when the frontage road is constructed.

(b)   Sidewalks shall be constructed according to specifications adopted by the governing body. Such sidewalks shall extend from curb to curb of intersecting streets and shall be constructed as near as possible to the property lines.

(c)   Sidewalks shall be constructed concurrently with the paving of the adjacent street.

(d)   The total cost of all sidewalks or pedestrian way improvements shall be borne by the property benefitted by the improvement.

(e)   The Building and Codes Officer shall maintain sidewalk permits on file with the city clerk for distribution to applicants and current specifications for all sidewalk construction within the city, as approved by the governing body. The specifications shall show the date of filing and date of approval by the governing body. All changes in such specifications shall show the filing and approval date.

(Ord. 630, Sec. 1; Code 2016)

All sidewalk grades shall be approved by the Building and Codes Officer or his or her representative.

(Code 1977, 10-103; Code 2016)

All sidewalks hereinafter constructed, reconstructed, or repaired shall, as nearly as possible, conform to the grade of the connecting permanent sidewalk.

(Code 1977, 10-104)

Any person or firm who shall contract to build sidewalks for the city and who requests progress payments shall give a good and sufficient surety bond that he, she or they will construct the sidewalk according to specifications and in a manner acceptable to the governing body or their authorized agent and warrant the same in good condition under ordinary conditions for a period of one year from the completion of the work.

(Code 1977, 10-105; Code 2016)