The city hereby adopts and incorporates by reference the 2012 International Residential Code and Appendix chapters E, F, G, J and P (the “Code”). The entire Code is adopted as if it were fully set forth in this article except for those exemptions that are hereinafter deleted, modified or amended.

(Ord. 930; Code 2016; Ord. 1040; Code 2016)

Chapter 4. Article 2. The City of Eudora Residential Code is adopted by reference.  The Code, as adopted by the city, is hereby further modified or amended as follows:

(a)   Chapter 1 of the Residential Code. Chapter 1 is deleted and replaced with the provisions of Article 1 of this Chapter 4.

(b)   Section 4-203.2. Table R301.2(1) Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria.

(c)   Section 4-203.3 Section R313.2 One and two family dwellings automatic fire systems.

(d)   Section 4-203.4 Section R403.3 Frost protected shallow foundations.

(e)   Section 4-203.5 Table N1102.1.1(R402.1.1) Insulation and fenestration requirements

(f)   Section 4-203.6 Section N1102.4.1.2 Testing

(g)   Section 4-203.7 Section N1102.2.S. Building thermal envelope/basement walls.

(h)   Section 4-203.8 Section G2406 Appliance location

(i)    Section 4-203.9 Section G2417.4.1. Fuel gas test pressure.

(j)    Section 4-203.10 Section P2S03.S.1 Rough plumbing

(k)   Section 4-203.11 Section P2603.S.1. Sewer depth.

(l)    Section 4-2003.12 Section P300S.4.2. Building drain and sewer size and slope.

(m)  Section 4-203.13 Section P3113.S. Total size of vents.

(n)   Section 4-203.14 Section P3112.2. Installation of air admittance valves.

(o)   Section 4-203.15 Section P3114.3. Air admittance valves, where permitted.

(p)   Section 4-203.16 Section P3114.B. Air admittance valves, prohibited installations.

(q)   Section 4-203.17 Section P3201.2 Trap seals and trap seal protection.

(r)   Section 4.203.18 Section E3601.6.2. Service disconnect location.

(s)   Section 4-203.19 Section E3604.5. Service masts as supports.

(t)    Section 4-203-20 Section E3609.3. Bonding for other systems.

(u)   Section 4-203-21 Section E3611.2. Accessibility

(v)   Section 4-203-22 Section E3902.12. Arc fault circuit-interrupter protection.

(w)  Section 4-203-23 Section E4002.14 Tamper-resistant receptacles.

(x)   Section 4-204 Severability.

(y)   Section 4-205 Existing rights or violations.

(Ord. 930; Code 2016; Ord. 1040; Code 2016)