There is hereby established a fire department for the city. The fire chief is appointed by the city manager and under his supervision. The fire chief shall have the responsibility for organization and employment of all fire department volunteers and for the organization. In addition to volunteer members, the fire chief may appoint other positions within the fire department which shall be created and funded in accordance with standard practices of the city.

(Ord. 503, Sec. I; Code 2016)

The city manager, shall appoint the chief of the fire department. The chief of the fire department shall, under the direction of the city manager, have complete control of the fire department and all the firefighting equipment of this city and he or she shall be responsible for the proper organization, training, discipline and functioning of the volunteers and personnel of the fire department and for the proper care, use and safety of the equipment of the department and fire apparatus of this city. The chief of the fire department shall appoint the necessary officers to fulfill the mission and duties of the department.

(Code 1977, 5-102:104; Ord. 793; Code 2016)

In the absence of the chief, the chief shall appoint an acting chief who shall perform all the duties and have all the authority and responsibility of the chief as conferred by this article.

(Ord. 503, Sec. II; Code 2016)

The chief shall have power and is hereby authorized to call for assistance from any and all able-bodied  citizens who may be present at the time of any emergency incident and in the operation of the fire department equipment. All persons who obstruct or hinder any person in his or her efforts while working under the instructions of the chief, shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this code and on conviction thereof shall be fined.

(Code 1977, 5-107; Code 2016)

There is established a Firefighter’s Relief Association under the laws of the State of Kansas as provided in K.S.A. 17-1701 through 17-1723 and K.S.A. 40-601 through 40-608.

(Code 1977, 5-111; Code 1985)